Have you ever felt like you will never be able to have the life you truly want?

It’s easy to be completely overwhelmed by all of the steps between where you are and where you want to be.  

Taking action is the key to getting what you want out of life.  How do you even know where to start?  

These 10 steps will get you on the right path:


1. Identify what you want to eventually do.
2.  Map out what that would look like.
3.  Create a list of what is stopping you from living your ideal life.
4.  Make a list of what it would take to rectify each item on your list of what is stopping you.
5.  Tackle the list by starting with the easiest first.  Work up to the harder things.
6.  Find those who are doing what you want to do and learn from them.  
7.  If at all possible, make your next thing your side hustle for a period of time.
8.  Set a target date for taking the leap from your old life to your new life. 
9.  Be realistic.  You can’t do this without being afraid.  You can’t do it without taking any risk.  Do it anyway.
10.  Develop a support system that will help you succeed.  Maybe mentors, maybe a SCORE representative.  Maybe a family member.  Find the support you need to make it through the tough times.
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