Leaving Success To Find Success

Sometimes you have to be willing to give up a small amount of success, so that you can achieve greater things.

In this episode, Christy interviews Angie Swartz.  Angie has built a successful social media marketing firm, helping local businesses with their social media strategy.  But along the way, she knew that she wasn’t living up to her true calling.  She had to walk away from a successful business, in order to truly find the right path for her life.

Angie now spends her days coaching others to be able to leave their doubts and fears behind and really achieve their dreams.  Angie is also the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast, where she talks to other professionals about finding their purpose in life. 

Angie talks about the failures along the way, as well as the lessons learned.  Angie has a coaching class starting in May and she has generously offered BAM Reporter listeners $200 off the program.  It’s the best investment you can make in yourself.  Claim this  discount before April 30th, and save $200.  You can sign up for her class here.  The coupon code for $200 off is BAMR200.  Take advantage today and I guarantee you won’t be sorry.


You can find Angie and her Podcast at Life Purpose Advisor.


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