Do This If You Really Want Sales from Your Podcast

Everyone says they are trying to monetize their podcasts, but when we really look under the hood, everything is not as it seems. In this episode, I’ll tell you what’s not working and why, but most importantly, I’ll show you how to fix it.

7 Universal Truths of Podcast Monetization

There are many tried and true methods of podcast monetization, but today I’m sharing 7 universal truths that we see over and over again when it comes to getting monetized. Sometimes it’s just a matter of building a structure for yourself and giving yourself goals in order to start getting some traction.

How to Use ChatGPT for Your Podcast

The continuous rise of technology and many innovative programs and websites have greatly contributed in providing faster and more efficient labor. In fact, what once was an hour’s job can now be accomplished in a shorter span of time through the help of the internet and other AI tools. In the world of podcasts, there …

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Outwit, Out Play, Out Last: Secrets of Podcast Success

Are you looking for tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to engineer your podcast for monetization? Or maybe just wondering how most podcasters, who have come a long way, monetize their podcasts without selling out to sponsors who don’t value the community?  If you’re one of the podcasters who have been putting in …

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Debunking the Biggest Myth About Podcast Reach

Why does every podcast beg you for ratings and reviews on Apple? Have you heard this before? ❌ “it can help more people find us!” ❌ “it will bump up our rankings” ❌ “it will make our show more visible” None of this is true! Today, I’m explaining what Apple ratings and reviews really do …

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2 Ways to Organically Grow Your Podcast

Every podcaster I have ever talked to always has the same complaint. They are not happy with the amount of downloads their show gets each month, and they want more. In this episode, I’ll tell you the only 2 ways to grow your show and how you can take advantage of them.  When it comes …

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The Cheat Code to Get You Unstuck

I work full-time helping podcasters monetize their podcasts. As I have strategy calls week after week, I find that I am saying the same things over and over again. If you are stuck and don’t know what will help you attract your ideal clients, today I’m giving you the cheat code to get you unstuck. …

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The One Mistake That Will Keep You From Getting Monetized

In this episode, I’m going to tell you about a major mistake that I see so many podcasters make, and I’m going to show you what to do to fix the mistake. It’s the same mistake that causes many podcasters to rebrand their podcasts!

Podcaster Beware: Companies Want to Take Advantage of You!

So you’re a podcaster looking to monetize, and all of a sudden out of nowhere you get an email offering a sponsorship for your podcast. It seems too good to be true. Is it? We’ll talk about it right after this. Hi there. Welcome to Podcast Monetization Secrets. My name is Christy Haussler and thank …

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Why You Should Create a Subscription Program

I recently heard someone make a really bold controversial statement. They said, “If you don’t have a continuity program (subscription) in your business, then you don’t really have a business.” This is a quote from David Frey that was shared with me and it really caused me to stop in my tracks. In this episode, …

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