How to Start Monetizing Your Podcast If You’re Stuck in Free Content Creation Mode

In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you how you can monetize your podcast so you can move away from offering free content and start making some money from it. For a lot of podcasters, podcasting is just something they do on the side and not a money-making endeavor. But there are several ways you can make money from your podcast. From asking your listeners for donations to getting sponsors or utilizing affiliate marketing, there are many viable options when it comes to podcast monetization.

And today, I’ll dive into another equally viable option of monetizing your podcast; selling your own products. Now, you may be thinking, “Wait a minute. I don’t have any products or services to sell” But I wanna tell you that indeed you do. And I’m not talking about merch (although that could be something to consider down the line!). I want to focus more on products that require minimal or one-time input and effort on your part with regards to time and money, but which can generate and yield continual income, essentially giving you more bucks for your bang. Listen in for more on that!

Show Highlights

  • Are you ready to put in the necessary work to monetize your podcast (02:23)
  • Building a back end to direct your listeners to so they can buy your digital products (04:40)
  • Creating ads to throw out hooks that will draw people in (08:00)
  • Being salesy in your episodes is not bad (10:54)
  • You can halt releasing new episodes to focus on putting together your minimum viable product (13:37)
  • Overcoming the challenges that come with creating a suitable product (17:11)
  • Go out and start making your podcast listeners your customers (18:53)

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