I’ve Made Thousands of Dollars Fixing This Common Mistake Podcasters Make

This is the second episode on podcast sponsorship. Everyone assumes that sponsorship is the default way to make money with a podcast, and the truth is that it’s one of the hardest ways to monetize.

Podcasters who don’t know any better start making mistakes with their sponsorships and I’ve made thousands of dollars fixing their mistakes. The alternative means that you give up the future value of your podcast.

I’d rather tell you about this mistake so you can avoid it now, rather than having to charge you a pile of money later to fix the mistakes!

You’ll have to listen to the episode to get the full run down, but today I’m explaining why you need to use a podcast hosting company that has dynamic ad insertion technology before you ever begin to accept sponsors – even if you have a non-traditional podcast sponsor relationship.

Dynamic Ad Insertion technology can be an expensive option to get through your hosting company. I always recommend Captivate as a podcast host because I use it and love it, and they have the dynamic ad insertion technology in beta testing right now.

However, you can also use AdBarker with virtually any podcast hosting company and it will cost you around $50 to have access to this technology. Trust me, if you understand what this episode is about, paying $50 to preserve your future value is well worth it.

Listen to the full episode to understand exactly how you can squeeze the most value out of any sponsorship.

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