A Secret Tip to Grow Your Podcast

After you launch a podcast, the next question always becomes, “How can I grow my audience?” It seems like this question gets asked in a lot of Facebook groups and I get it weekly it seems from clients and others.

Most people start by trying to grow their audience on social media. The average podcaster comes into podcasting with only a small social media following. So, when we start ramping up promotional efforts on social media, our reach is limited by our following.

It should also be said that if you are getting zero traction on social media, the best thing to do is NOT to double down on the things that aren’t working.

I mean, 2×0 is still 0, right? So, if everyone connected to you on social media are ignoring your podcast posts, doubling the amount of posts you make won’t help the situation, it only makes it worse.

Join Christy today as she shares this little known tip about advertising your podcast in the one place where you already know everyone listens to podcasts!

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