Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Get Clients From Your Podcast

Forget the traditional elevator pitch, we’ve moved on to something even more important!

If you can’t boil who you serve and how you serve them to into one sentence, then you’re always going to be missing the mark when it comes to landing clients from your podcast audience.

The framework I use for creating this statement is:

I help _________ (who), __________________ (do what) by using _________________(the vehicle), so they can ____________. (end result)

So, my mission statement is:

I help podcasters create multiple streams of income by using their podcast to create evergreen marketing funnels, so that they can enjoy lifestyle freedom.

It’s so powerful when you can sum up everything you do for your ideal customer is one sentence that is easily understandable and that your ideal client will understand.

In this episode, I share a powerful example of how easy it is for podcasters to get out of alignment from their podcast avatar, to their value ladder mission statement, to their first offer.

Listen to the show to hear how I break it down and pass along tips that can help you get clear so that you aren’t confusing your audience!

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