How To (& Not To) Market Your Podcast

You know, marketing a podcast isn’t easy. Some of the most basic things about marketing a podcast, like what link do you even share? – aren’t as cut and dried as it is for other industries. So today, I’m going to talk you through it all, so you’ll know what your next steps are.

Today, I want to address some of the common knowledge that we hear and have been given by many well meaning podcasters or gurus that may not be the best advice for you.

  1. You should always share the link to your website on social media. 
  2. You should post your show on every possible social media site so you can get more listeners.
  3. Run Facebook ads to get more listeners.

Beware of anyone who uses ALWAYS and NEVER when giving you advice. So many times the right answer depends on the situation. 

Let’s zoom out and really face reality here.

 Of course you need to always be looking to grow your audience. 

But let me ask you this – if you haven’t monetized your podcast, what is the difference between getting 300 downloads per episode and 700 downloads per episode?

Sure, it’s an ego boost to know you have more listeners, but tangibly for you there is no difference. Has it put more money in your pocket? Has it grown your email list? Has it done anything for your business?

Let’s break this down in funnel speak.

Getting people to listen to your podcast is at the very top of your funnel. This is the wide part of the funnel.

So, the more people you put in at the top, ultimately the more people you will have that drop out the bottom end of your funnel as customers.

Many, many podcasters only have the top of a funnel in place and there is nothing else after listening to the show.

If this is you, then you have to put some other funnel steps into place. Don’t worry about marketing your podcast until you at least get a compelling lead magnet in place.

The second step of your funnel is to get listeners on your email list.

People may have to listen to your podcast 10, 15, 20 times before they follow your call to action. And even then, you have to give them a reason to visit your website. 

Visiting the website to sign up for your newsletter is NOT a reason to visit your website. That’s you asking a favor of your audience.

Give them a compelling reason to visit your website. What do you have waiting there for them? Give them an irresistible reason and give them value from it.

So my recommendations are that you use social media to get as many LISTENERS to your podcast as possible.

That means putting out links that give people a way to listen to the podcast with the least amount of friction.

Why not put out just the link to your website?:

  1. Links taking social media users off platform always throttles the reach of your posts on social media.
  2. Your website isn’t the easiest way for people to click and listen.

Do anything you can to keep people inside the SM platform and listening to the show.

Eventually, they will like the show well enough to move your show off social media and into their podcast listening app.

If they keep listening long enough and you make them a compelling enough offer, you can get them on your email list.

If they are on your email list, you can continue marketing to them and convert them to customers.

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