Secrets of High Converting Offers

Sometimes it seems like selling is easy for everyone else but us! If you’re new to the online marketing world, you may be making offers that aren’t converting very well.

There’s a very logical reason that some offers convert better than others, and if you are making this mistake, it’s because it’s just a natural tendency when you are new to making offers.

The first type of offer that many people make is an improvement offer. It’s a very safe offer to make and it feels better than just trying to stick our necks out with some other type of offer.

After all, you really are trying to improve the lives of your audience members!

You want to help them manage their money better…

You want to help them have better relationships…

You want to help them be better parents…

In any niche it makes sense to want to improve whatever situation your ideal clients are in right now.

However, if you make an improvement offer, in almost every situation you will have lower conversions than if you made a different kind of offer.

The problems with Improvement offers are:

1) They aren’t compelling enough to prompt your audience to take action.

2) The improvements you are offering will be much harder to measure.

3) It’s hard to develop raving fans by only marginally improving their lives.

So what’s the alternative to improvement offers?

Offers that will convert much better than improvement offers are transformation offers.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and make all sorts of outlandish promises that you can’t possibly deliver.

However, when you focus on the transformation that you can bring to others’ lives, you can probably articulate very well what that looks like.

Going back to who you serve and how you serve them with give you the lens through which to view the transformative impacts of your offer.

When you highlight the transformation in your offers, it becomes all the more compelling.

The more compelling and irresistible that you can make your offers, the higher converting they can be.

There’s so many ways you can make your offer compelling, but in order for them to be high converting, they have to be so irresistible that your audience is compelled to action.

Then, you can only hope that the irresistibility of the offer will also compel them to take action on all of the content in your offer.

Because when you can truly be the catalyst for a transformational change in your audience, then you will develop a loyal audience!

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