Big Announcement: There’s Still Time to Monetize in 2021

As crazy as it seems, 2022 is almost here. Let me ask you a question. This time last year, did you think that 2021 would be the year you would monetize your podcast? Are you disappointed with your progress with your podcast this year?

In order to make progress, I have had to set myself up for success.

While I am an independent learner, I’ve realized that I can either go way too far down the rabbit hole of independent learning, or I can get bored with it and never really take action or get results.

I make the most progress when I have instruction, then implementation, and accountability.

Left to my own devices, I’ll overcomplicate things. I’ll let my mental barriers that aren’t real completely derail my progress.

Have you ever set out to accomplish something and at every turn, you found there was another barrier.

Maybe you wanted to film a video. You sit down at your desk, you get out your phone and get ready to record.

Then you realize when you start recording that more of the background is visible than you want.

So now, you clean the house and get the scene right.

Then you record again, and you realize that the lighting is terrible.

So, you set off trying to find the best, but cheapest ring lights for video.

Then 2 days later when you Amazon order some in, you set up your ring light and start recording again.

Now, the light has made every gray hair stand out, and you aren’t going on camera like that. So, you make an appointment with your salon to get that taken care of.

Days later, you return to record your video, and as soon as you get started, your lawn service shows up and there’s so much noise that you’ll never be able to record.

You put it off again, and try to record the next day.

By this time, you’ve read what you wrote for a script and it doesn’t make as much sense to you, so you stop and rework the script.

The next day, you sit down to record again, but now that you are reading the script, it looks weird on video because your eyes are moving like you are reading and you are looking at the words you are reading, not the camera.

So, clearly you need a teleprompter. So you’re not sure how much that costs, so you start researching some options online and eventually purchase a teleprompter.

It comes a few days later, but you don’t really have time to figure out how to use it.

So, you set it aside, and the pattern continues and you never get your video made.

You see, we have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

The reality is that simplicity is always better – for you and for your audience.

I was in an online training session the other day and the instructor said a phrase that stuck with me:

Simplicity sells, and complexity fails.

It’s true.

Even when you are trying to determine WHAT you want to sell to your audience.

There is literally no shortage of things you could create to sell to your audience. 

The sky is the limit and our minds run wild.

We think of all the possibilities that exist.

We get carried away with making something big…and COMPLEX.

After all, we’ve got to WOW our audience, or else they won’t buy it, right?

The reality is that we can come up with one simple premise and one big idea that will move the needle for our audiences, and create a product or a program around that.

And launching that one simple program that you get people into will be so much more valuable to you because it was simple enough to actually launch, rather than you spending months of time planning for a BIG program that you can’t even get your arms around to bring to life.

We let comparison cause us to overcomplicate things.

In reality, some of us are so afraid of launching that we do everything right up to that point and never really put it out there.

We walk away and start something else and drive that project all the way up to launch and then walk it back and distract ourselves with something else.

Am I describing anyone else besides myself? I mean come on somebody!

There are people right now who will pay you to help you solve a problem in their lives, but you haven’t figured out how to offer it.

You haven’t figured out how to deliver it.

You haven’t figured out the process to complete the entire sales cycle so you can earn money from your podcast.

I am tired of you spinning out when it comes to monetizing your podcast.

I don’t need you to understand the entire process from start to finish.

I don’t need you to be able to answer every question about the ways you are going to monetize.

I just want you to get one win really quickly that will lead you one step closer to monetization.

Then all you have to do is take the next step right in front of you.

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