Failure Isn’t Final – It’s Just Feedback

In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about the fear of failure, how it keeps podcasters from achieving their monetization goals, what to do with it, and what you can learn from it. Podcasters often ask me, how can I grow my podcast? How can I monetize it? And the first thing that I want to establish is that growth takes time. Podcasting is a long-term play, specifically podcast marketing. Don’t release episodes and expect to be on the top charts with thousands of listeners flowing in and sales spiking the first week. Too often, when podcasters try out a marketing technique, they expect amazing results right away and when they don’t see it, the motivation to continue their podcast pours out of them. 

This is actually so common that the industry has developed a term for it called “podfade” which is when podcasts start strong with releasing episodes and marketing efforts on a regular cadence, then subsequently realize the amount of effort and patience they need to get the results and fade away. When it comes to how to grow a podcast, it takes dedication, patience, and strategy. And when it comes to marketing your show it’s really no different. There are so many tactics you can explore to grow it and whichever one you try out, you have to rid yourself of the fear of failure and give it time to yield results. Join me as I share more from my knowledge and experience with that and I promise it will help you keep moving towards growing and monetizing your podcast.

Show Highlights

  • Why podcasters are missing the marketing aspect of things (01:44)
  • Learning not to give up when the first trial of a marketing method doesn’t work and looking at marketing as a game of trying things (02:26)
  • What to do when a lead magnet or Facebook ad doesn’t yield the expected results (06:38)
  • Legitimate things that lead to success in marketing and podcasting in general (08:30)
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors and how to go about your target audience rejecting what you put out (12:05)
  • Going through the building process instead of expecting to achieve your goal quickly (16:11)
  • The 90 days it takes to test something before you can determine if it’s a success or failure (20:57)
  • Changing the way we have a relationship with failure (22:59)
  • Focusing on the podcast listeners who will become your buyers (26:07)
  • Looking at failure as the feedback you need to make the necessary changes and tweaks (27:39)

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