How NOT to Monetize Your Podcast Guests

Monetizing your podcast guests: good, bad, ethical, or a big no-no? The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with charging guests to be on your podcast or paying a fee to be a guest on another podcast. The key is the value provided to that guest through increased exposure, website traffic, potential client conversions, etc. I’m here to blow the lid off this topic by sharing a real-life example of shady monetization that should warn you in the RIGHT direction on your podcast monetization journey. 

Show Highlights:

  • My story that began in May with a cold-call Facebook message
  • The funnel:
  • Cold outreach from an admin person
  • Introduction to the “podcast” host
  • An extended offer that routed me to his landing/scheduling page
  • An interview booking that routed me to his webinar
  • Daily marketing emails and Facebook messages over several weeks
  • The interview cancellation (the day before my interview) blamed on “interview backlog”
  • Why I had red flags resulting from the cold outreach on Fb from someone who worked for someone I had never heard of in the podcasting world
  • Why his tactics are bogus, BS, and just plain icky
  • How this is a perfect example of a bad-faith effort to monetize podcast clients by dangling the carrot, canceling the schedule, and pretending that there is a legitimate reason–other than the fact that he couldn’t convert me as a client
  • The problem with this shady, unethical model? It completely overlooks the relationship-building process
  • How a podcast audit can tune up your podcast and make a huge difference, even with simple steps you can implement right away
  • There is a better way! 
  • What to look for if you’re asked to pay to be on someone’s podcast


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