How One Client Went from $0 to $10K in Just 6 Weeks

I was working with a client who was hoping to launch a course in the near future. In our conversations, I discovered that she had a lot going for her. She had been consistent in her publishing, she had been attracting the audience of her ideal customers, and she had been building her email list. Despite all of this, she was still struggling to monetize her podcast.

I introduced her to the concept of a course presale, and we set a goal of selling 25 courses in four weeks. She promoted the presale through her email list, social media, and podcast, and ended up selling 38 courses. She was then able to sell a few more courses after the presale closed, and six weeks later she had made more than $10,000 from her courses.<br /><br />

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. A client went from earning nothing from their podcast to earning $10,000 in just six weeks.

2. The client accomplished this by starting a presale for their yet-to-be-completed course.

3. The client was able to make this happen by taking action and being willing to put in the work.


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