How to Create Frameworks to Build Your Offers

Frameworks are so much more than just a buzzword. They are they system for the success that you can get for your clients. It’s very important to have your frameworks documented because it gives you the repeatable pathway that you can then walk each of your clients through and get the predicted outcome.

I talk to so many podcasters each and every week who haven’t clearly defined their framework for how they get success for their clients. The better we can articulate what you can do for your clients and how you get them there, the more predictable the outcomes become that you get for your clients.

The best way for you to document your framework is to walk through your processes.

If a client came to you today and said, “I will pay you $10K to get me XYZ desired outcome!” What is the first thing you would do to help them?

Nail that down. Put it in writing. It is now step 1 of your framework.

So what happens after step 1 is achieved or accomplished?

Figure out that next logical step they would need to take in the process. Document that – it is step 2 of your framework.

Now, after your client gets step 2 under their belt, what’s next? Figure it out and make that step 3 of your framework.

Keep doing this through each step of the process until you get them successfully to the desired outcome you are working with them to achieve.

Now, you have documented all the steps of your framework and you can begin teaching it. You can begin getting success with your framework. You can begin collecting testimonials for the effectiveness of your framework.

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