Is This Mistake Causing You to Miss Out on 75% of Your Ideal Customers?

Did you know that within every personality type, you can find your ideal client? The problem is that many times, we only sell to our own personality type and in doing so, only capture a small fraction of our total ideal customers? Why? Because we aren’t communicating with others the way they need to hear your offer in order to buy. I’m about to tell you how to fix that…right after this…

Hi there, welcome to podcast monetization secrets, my name is Christy Haussler and I’m so thankful that you want to learn how to turn your podcast into a revenue stream, because that’s exactly why I’m here too.

In case you haven’t met me yet, I started podcasting almost 10 years ago, by the time 2 years had flown by, I had opened my full service podcast production company, at a time when they didn’t really exist! Team Podcast is my company, and I’ve worked with almost 300 podcasters to launch, grow and monetize their podcasts, and in 2022, my goal is to monetize 100 podcasts.

I’m closing in on the $2 million dollar mark with revenue generated from podcasting, and I want to show  you how you can change your life with podcasting.

So lately, I’ve been diving deep sales skills and how to properly pitch an offer, and I’ve been learning from some of the best in the business! And, the more I study what works and the techniques that make people effective at sales, the more I realize that my own mental blocks will keep me stuck faster than anything.

If you have mental blocks when it comes to marketing, I will confess to you that I do too. I don’t want to because I love marketing, but my head trash always gets in the way.

Let me give you some examples of the things that I find myself constantly saying both in my head and out loud…

“I don’t want to come across as salesy”

“I’m not going to insult the intelligence of my audience by doing all the rigamorole that experts teach when you are pitching, I’m just going to tell my audience what the offer is and if they want it, they will take it.”

“My offer is good enough that I don’t have to do a full blown sales pitch to get people to take it.”

“I don’t want to seem like every other marketer on the internet, so I’m not going to do x,y, or z.”

“I don’t want people to think all I care about is sales or money.”

And the list goes on and on.

Have you ever said any of these or something similar?

Well then congratulations my friend, you have your share of head trash too.

As a content creator, we get hung up on the creation process. We go deep and want to create the best content, but without effective marketing, the best content is doomed to the dustbin of history.

With effective marketing, you can actually make a really great living off of a mediocre course or product.

If you have taken the DISC personality profile, you are well aware that there are 4 different personality profiles, and depending which one you are, will affect how you communicate and process information.

These personality types often draw us to one field or another as a career choice. The High C personality type is probably going to gravitate towards engineering or accounting and other very analytical and precise types of work.

A high D personality may be more drawn into entrepreneurship, while a high I may be more interested in social work or nursing.

We have to take these personality types into consideration in our marketing. We have to create marketing systems that can speak directly to a High D and give them the option to go ahead and take action, while we need to slow down and go over every single detail and nuance for the High C. 

But once each personality type has their objections answered, then they will be ready to take action.

I tend to only communicate to others in the way that appeals to me, and you probably do to.

Let me give you an example. I was on a mastermind call the other day and a Dr. who deals specifically with aging and trying to mitigate the toll that age takes on our bodies was showing us her funnel for her home page of her website.

The website was full of generalities and buzzwords like “optimal health” and “feel better”, without ever mentioning who she was there to specifically serve. 

She laid out her offerings from a “product perspective”, rather than from a “consumer perspective”. 

There was a heavy focus on the technical medical procedures and analysis, rather than the results that she could get for someone.

I see this a lot with people in the medical niche. They are so proud of the procedures and how they help people with them, that they overwhelm their audience with the technicalities and medical jargon and in the end, the consumer is just confused because they don’t know where they need to begin and what type of intervention can actually help them.

And a confused buyer is always a “No”!

So my appeal to you today is to think about every aspect of your offer or pitch, and build it so that your offer contains:

  • All the results or transformation that a results-oriented High D personality needs
  • All of the analytics and precise systems that a High C personality would need
  • All of the optimism and enthusiasm that a High I would need
  • While providing all the support and stability that a High S needs to know, exist within your offer.

Don’t stop when you’ve just covered what is important to you. Other personality types still have questions and reservations, so give them what they need. 

There are skeptics that could be your ideal customer, and until you tell them what they need to know about your offer, they aren’t moving towards you.

If you are going to spend the time, effort and money doing any sort of marketing at all, you want to make it the most effective marketing possible. 

So, step outside of your comfort zone, and make sure you give every personality type the information they need.

It may feel redundant. It may feel unnatural. It may feel downright silly.

Do it anyway.

The tried and true marketing methods continue to be used for a reason – they are effective.

Don’t think you know more than the marketing experts. 

Don’t think your audience is different than every other audience.

Don’t assume you don’t need to go through all of the extra stuff because your audience understands. They don’t.



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