The 5 Biggest Mistakes We Make When Selling

We all can use a boost in the skills that can help us become more comfortable with selling. I attended workshops at Funnel Hacking Live last week, and I soaked up some big secrets to share with you today. Most of these come from Myron Golden, a highly esteemed sales expert who will help reframe your mindset around sales. Let’s take a closer look at mistakes most of us are making–and how we can change!

Show Highlights:

  • Why our #1 mistake in selling is thinking sales is something we do TO people rather than FOR people
  • Why the “I can’t afford it” excuse comes from a place of scarcity and money blocks
  • Why you should make your offer with a higher threshold in the beginning to filter out those who don’t value you
  • Why our #2 mistake is not making enough offers
  • Why our #3 mistake is not selling what the market wants
  • Why our #4 mistake is trying to find people to sell your stuff instead of making yourself findable for people who want to buy what you’re selling
  • Why our #5 mistake is trying to get people to buy instead of creating an environment in which they want to buy
  • What you can do THIS WEEK to get on the path to making more offers:
  • Gather your “group” (Mastermind, Brain Trust, etc.).
  • Find out what their problems are and what they are willing to pay for solutions. 
  • Create the solution for them. 


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