The Missed Opportunity in Your Outro

In today’s episode, I’ll address the issue of calls to action and ads in podcast episodes, something that a lot of podcasters don’t like because they feel like it may make them seem salesy, greedy, or money-hungry to their listeners. The fact is, producing a podcast is a costly affair. And so to avoid getting financially overwhelmed which may lead to podfading, a podcaster has to find ways to monetize their show. One way to achieve that is by having calls to action that direct listeners to products or services that you offer or to include sponsor ads at some points in your episodes.

Podcasters have been predominantly incorporating those calls to action and ads in their outros, but it has come to my attention that some podcasting apps are now cutting out the intros and outros on podcasts so that listeners are directly listening to the main episodes. That means if your call to action or ad is in your outro then your listeners may not even get to listen to them. Your call to action is meant to compel your audience to do something that can help you in your efforts to grow your show and make it profitable, and in this episode, I’ll teach you how to strategically place your call to action (Or ads) in your episodes so you can achieve just that. Stay tuned!

Show Highlights

  • One major thing that podcasters are doing wrong (01:40)
  • Being conversant with the podcasting industry trends so you can continuously get your listeners to take action (03:37)
  • The best way to pitch your call to action within your episodes (06:26)
  • Tuning up your podcast with a great product that helps in optimizing a podcast’s discoverability and increase its downloads (09:26)
  • Reinforcing what you do for people all through your show while also naturally bringing in what you offer your clients (13:02)
  • Strategically pitching what you do during an interview episode (15:06)
  • Claiming your space to always make sure your listeners know everything about you and what you have to offer (19:41)
  • Getting something back from the time and energy you spend producing your podcast (25:27)
  • Staying up to date with new technologies to get the most out of your content (28:04)

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