The Moral Imperative to Monetize – Especially If You Have a Mission Driven Podcast

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about why monetizing your podcast is a great idea. I get it if the thought of it makes you uncomfortable because it makes you feel like you will be a sellout or inauthentic especially if your podcast is more purpose-driven. But one of the biggest problems that podcasters face is the high cost of sustaining their shows in the long term and monetizing not only creates revenue streams but also adds value to a show’s audience in different ways.

It enables a podcaster to consistently bring their A-game to their show every day and they can infuse the revenue streams back into the show’s production to create a better listening experience. Now, don’t get me wrong. Focusing too much on creating a monetary stream might cause you to make decisions that don’t serve your audience so you have to be careful how you go about it all. Tune in as I share some tricks, benefits, considerations and best practices that will help you monetize your podcast while still achieving your core mission.

Show Highlights

  • Successfully implementing your podcast ideas one at a time (01:57)
  • The sales mentality that some podcasters struggle with especially when they have a value proposition point of view (02:34)
  • There is no shame in monetizing your podcast (04:57)
  • Your podcast generating revenue = Being able to continuously release content and scale your impact (06:20)
  • There’s no perceived value from giving free content all the time (07:30)
  • How I came into podcasting (08:23)
  • Eliminating everything in your life that you don’t like due to monetization (13:11)
  • Putting money behind the content to put out there (17:50)
  • Getting over your money blocks and resistance to sales (21:38)
  • Developing a lifestyle that you can maintain and live your best life (25:12)

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