The One Thing Every Business Needs to Survive

Learn how to get more leads for your business by implementing a simple change to your website. In this episode, Christy Haussler shares how she was able to increase her conversion rate and get more leads by making a small change to her website.

“If you don’t have a reliable way to generate leads each month, then I would question whether you might have whether your business is very sound at all.”

I was having a conversation with some fellow podcasters about the fact that many of us have a hard time monetizing our podcasts. We all agreed that it’s a universal problem and that we need to find a way to fix it. I shared with them an example of how I recently had to go back to the basics in my own business in order to increase my conversion rate. In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How much does it cost to acquire a customer?

2. How can you recapture leads that fall out of your funnel?

3. How to shorten the time between when someone begins planning their podcast and when they’re ready to launch?


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