The Real Purpose of a Sales Funnel

I want to focus on the two most misunderstood words in podcasting. You probably hear a lot about a sales funnel, but most people don’t know what it is, how it works, and what it can do for your business. I’m breaking it down and sharing how your sales funnel can do the selling for you and get you off the hook in your weakest moments. 

Show Highlights:

  • Why you need a sales funnel and shouldn’t feel guilty about it
  • How our blocks around money can hold us back and why you deserve to profit from the value you provide
  • Sales funnel basics: A sales funnel starts with a landing page that is carefully based on psychology to handle objections and do the selling for you.
  • How a podcast tuneup can help turn around your value exchange
  • Three ways your sales funnel can work and do multiple closes:
  • Emotional close–how someone’s life will suck without this product or service
  • Logical close–how the ROI will benefit someone
  • Fear of missing out close–how limited time, space, or capacity is available
  • Why your product or service ads should NEVER be in the intro or outro of your podcast–move them to the middle!
  • Why you might be giving too much info in your midroll ads that shortchanges your sales funnel
  • How you unknowingly handicap your sales funnel and telegraph your money blocks
  • Why I’ve structured my sales funnel to eliminate sales calls that cost me time and money
  • Why a sales funnel is NOT a website page that lists your courses, services, or products
  • Why your sales pitch on your podcast should be a teaser (appetizer) that points people to your landing page (main course)
  • Two things that a great sales funnel will do:
  • Line up the highest converting data points in your favor
  • Eliminate personal weaknesses and insecurities
  • How a sales funnel protects your time, handles objections, and closes sales for you without letting you sabotage your own efforts
  • How a sales funnel provides valuable sales and marketing data
  • How to get authentic feedback on your landing page


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