What To Do When Nobody Wants Your Free Stuff

Today, I’m going to share with you the advice that I give to my clients – and myself – when it comes to our free stuff. The first mistake we often make is taking a product-oriented view of our free content. So we’re like “here’s my free thing. Here’s what it does. Here’s how many times a week you can come in here. Here’s what type of content you’ll get. Here’s what you get.” But we’re not doing any of the things that we know would increase conversion rates: using headlines to capture someone’s attention and draw them into the funnel, using call outs, and really selling your freebie.

The simplest framework to use is the PAS framework. It stands for Problem, Agitate, Solution. This is exactly what it sounds like. Call out the problem they are having and then spend some time agitating all of the issues that arise because the problem happened. Make them thirsty and then offer them a drink! Then give them the solution to their problems, which is your freebie!

[00:0005:03] How to Convert on a Free Offer When You Really Want People to Take Action

• There is a myth that people will want something just because it’s free. In fact, you actually have to do more to get people to convert on a free offer.

• One of the mistakes we make is not following proven sales frameworks when trying to sell our free content. This can lead to low conversions.

• We often forget about the importance of providing value in order to get people to convert on a free offer.

[05:0309:44] How to Flip Your Free Stuff Into Paid Products

• The first mistake made when offering something for free is taking a product-oriented view, focusing on what the free offer does rather than how it can help the recipient.

• To increase conversion rates, free offers should be treated as a sales pitch, with attention paid to headlines, callouts to the recipient’s avatar, and other elements that capture attention and draw people into the funnel.

• Following a framework like the Past P a S framework can help create a more effective sales pitch and increase conversion rates.

[09:4513:40] How to Sell Your Product Even if It’s a Free Thing

• The key to successful marketing is to focus on the psychology of the listener, not just the details or features of the product.

• To increase conversions, you need to focus on solving the problem that your product solves for your avatar, and then tell a story or spend time talking about how this problem feels familiar to them.

• If you’re offering a free product, you need to focus on selling it in order to make money later on. Getting a podcast audit can help you do this.

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