Your Problem Is Probably Your Offer

I frequently hear questions from podcasters about why monetization isn’t working for them. They are making offers but not getting conversions. I can help! Join me for this episode as I tell you what your most likely problem is—and how to fix it. 

Show Highlights:

  • Your three options if you’re stuck in free content creation mode
  • Why your podcast is NOT your product–and will never make you millions by itself
  • What you need to know about getting conversions:
  • An offer is NOT having a course for sale.
  • An offer comes from stacking value into one cohesive, compelling blend.
  • An offer that is a no-brainer for your audience will generally be the same thing you would be drawn to.
  • An offer needs to be tested and tweaked in a constant process of refinement.
  • An offer needs to take your client by the hand, lead them in, and show them what they need and what the results will be. 
  • Why you have to give people “wins” right away–or they will leave you
  • Why it’s OK to make your offer seem almost “too compelling” to bombard your clients with value
  • A breakdown of the basics of podcast monetization: 
  • Your podcast content is an outgrowth of the problems you solve for people.
  • If people are willing to pay to solve their problems, all you have to do is productize the solution and offer it to them. 


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