Chris and Miranda Raymond-Pollock, Tulips General Store – Viroqua, WI

Chris and Miranda began their business journey by homesteading.  That led to the purchase of a farm with lots of critters.  The goats became the source and the inspiration for their first venture, Naughty Goat Soaps.  After making their soaps for a while, they came upon the perfect opportunity to expand by purchasing the Tulips General Store.  They bought it in 2013 and right away changed it from a specialty boutique to and all-purpose general store right out of Little House on the Prairie!  This allowed them greater distribution for the Naughty Goat Soaps, but also allowed them to expand theirproduct line to feature other locally made items.  There seems to be no end in sight for products that are made locally and Chris and Miranda love to connect their community with products made in their community.  Firm believers in buying locally whenever possible, Chris and Miranda walk us through their journey towards growth and sustainability.

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