How to Create Compelling Podcast Content for Small and Local Business Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to engage your customers, and share interesting information with them. They can help you build lasting relationships with your clients and provide an avenue for customer feedback.

Podcasts also offer a unique opportunity to reach new potential customers through appealing to a global audience.

There is no denying that podcasts have become very popular in recent years, but many small business owners struggle when it comes to coming up with content ideas for their podcast episodes.

To make this process easier I am going to share the 5 Pillars of Podcast Content Creation:

1) People

Sharing your origin story for becoming a business owner, as well as introducing your audience to the people behind your business will build loyalty. After all, your people – the human capital of your business – are the greatest asset your business has.

2) Processes

No matter what type of business you have, much of what separates you from your competitors has to do with your processes. It could the processes you use to ensure quality work is being done, or it could be the processes you use to manufacture or create high quality products for your business. Sharing these unique aspects of your business will help differentiate your business from all of your competitors.

3) Products

Whether you are making your own products or selling products created by others, highlighting the uniques aspects of the products that you carry can be interesting to your customers, as well as educational. The more you can explain why you use the raw materials that you choose, or why you source products from certain vendors, the more it will endear your customers to your products.

4) Problems

Showing your customers the problems you solve for people just like them is incredibly important. Sometimes you can educate your customers about small aspects of these problems that they can solve for themselves without having to call on you. The more you can educate your customers, the better your customer will become.

Giving your customers actual case studies or before and after images of the way you are making their lives better will help solidify in their mind that they should call you when they have this exact problem arise.

5) Promotions

It’s your podcast and you absolutely have permission to create promotions to share with your audience.

The more dependent you can make your audience on actually promotions and specials you offer through your podcast, the less money you will have to spend on advertising.

By controlling your messages to your customers via your own platform, the lower your advertising costs will be. Since much of what you spend on advertising has an unknown ROI, it only makes sense to minimize your costs by building out your largest source of organic traffic to your business – your podcast!

In conclusion, I hope you find these content ideas helpful in creating new podcast episodes for your own business! Remember: People, Processes, Products, Problems and Promotions are all important pillars of content creation when it comes to podcasts – so make sure they’re a part of every episode you publish!

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