The State of The Podcast

10 months in to the life of this podcast, Christy reveals how the podcast is doing.  Success for a podcast is subjective, but Christy believes that in the long term, a growing and engaged audience is the best measure of the success of the podcast.


January 2015 was the first month that the podcast had more than 10,000 downloads in a month.  The podcast is averaging between 200 and 550 downloads a day and steadily growing.  Christy attributes this success to her use of social media and automation the promotion of past episodes.  


Christy also joined a podcasting community in the past several months and she is learning what other successful podcasters are doing to grow their audience.  Christy takes action on all the tips that she can immediately implement.  


Christy can take the podcast in any direction she wants.  At this point, the more she can be everywhere in the local community, the better results she will get from the podcast.

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