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Team Podcast is based in Key West, FL, with a remote team that spans the US, Canada and Australia. Each of our team members has specialized roles so their expertise is leveraged on each aspect of your podcast. We provide done for you podcast production services. We believe that a podcast can be a viable part of your business if done correctly, and we are here to help you make it happen. We know that you are overwhelmed with all the moving parts of your podcast. We can help! We work with you to perform your podcast tasks exactly as you want them done. We don’t have contracts or other hoops for you to jump through. We want to eliminate as many redundant and unnecessary processes as possible, in order to give you time to create your premium content and build out your platform. We are easy to work with and can create custom packages to give you the help you need with your most time-consuming tasks. We’d be honored to partner with you to make your podcast everything you hoped it would be!


Whether you can do it yourself, but don’t have time, or you just don’t have the patience or bandwidth to learn, we can do your audio editing for you. We offer a variety of editing styles that will complement your show format. When we edit audio, it means we automatically do the following, without you having to specify:

  • Remove background noise
  • Level the volume of all tracks
  • Apply just the right amount of compression for optimal sound
  • Add intros/outros/bumpers
  • Cross-fade and mix music/sound effects/transitions
  • Remove distracting language (stammers, false starts, umms, etc.)
  • Output audio levels to podcast standard (-16 LUFS mono)
  • ID3 tag the audio file
  • Export mp3 at 64Kbps (unless otherwise specified)

Undoubtedly, editing can be the biggest time suck for a podcaster.  There is generally a pretty steep learning curve, regardless of the editing software that you use. Your audio is your product, so it’s important that it adequately portray your brand to your listeners. This is not an area to skimp in. You may think your audio sounds great, but podcast listeners are getting more discerning every day. They can tell if you are trying to do it yourself and learn as you go, or if you hired a professional. Don’t let “hard to listen to” audio drive away your potential audience. The average price for our audio editing is $75/episode (depending on length and format). It could be less as part of a package plan.


There are several very important reasons to have well-written show notes on your website for each podcast episode you publish. When used in  conjunction with an overall SEO strategy, the show notes can provide additional SEO leverage for keywords. For people that find your website before they listen to your show, it’s important to sell a potential listener on your show. That’s what good show notes do! They give just enough of a glimpse into the show to pique interest and entice them to listen to an episode. Hopefully, your content for the show is good enough that they will be hooked after the first listen! Writing show notes can take up way too much of your time if you let them. Sometimes, you may even find yourself getting several episodes behind in posting the show notes. We understand, and there’s no judgment here. We can take it off your hands and give you high-quality show notes that will reflect your voice. Our show notes include:

  • A keyword rich introduction with important information about the guest and your episode
  • Intriguing bullet-pointed content summaries to entice visitors to listen
  • Links to any resources mentioned in the show
  • Links to any affiliate programs or sponsors

Instead of spending hours of your time creating this free content, let us do it for you. Then you will have the time to work on premium content, digital products, courses, webinars and other things you need to create in order to make your podcast a revenue stream.

The average price of our show notes is $45/per episode. It could be less as part of a package plan.


We know how hard it is to keep up with your social media. It’s a challenge to do justice to your newly published episodes on social media.  The longer you podcast, the more content you have for social media. To really get any sort of traction on social media these days, it’s important to continue to promote your archive of episodes. We know you don’t have time to continually promote old episodes, and get all your new episodes out on social media. Even with that, you still have to take the time to interact with your followers. We know it’s overwhelming and we can help. We recommend Meet Edgar for social media automation. We think it’s the best solution because once you load your schedules and your content, you turn it on and it runs until you turn it off. You don’t have to keep re-scheduling posts. We offer a Meet Edgar set-up package that includes:

  • Creating social media posts from your past episodes
  • Uploading any posts that you want to recycle
  • Creating other shareable content to help increase engagement
  • Scheduling your posts for each social media channel
  • Create multiple content categories to customize your post content
  • Create graphic images with nuggets of content

Prices for this package starts at $500 and up, depending on the number of episodes.

We offer social media promotion of your podcast on an ongoing basis. Our social media package includes:

  • Pulling out tweetable quotes and content from your weekly episodes (as many as possible)
  • Creating graphic images that are highly shareable branded content
  • Adding social media posts to Meet Edgar or any other social media tool

The average price of our social media service is $50/episode.  It could be less as part of a package plan.


By far, the best value for your money is our full-service production package. This package ensures that you only have to create the content for your podcast and handle the strategic direction of your show. This leaves all the tactical tasks to us! Our full-service package includes:

  • Audio editing (to the specs listed in the audio editing section)
  • Show notes (as specified in the show notes section)
  • Providing shareable quotes and tweetables from the episode
  • Creating the custom episode graphic for each episode
  • Publishing to Libsyn
  • Publishing to your website
  • Providing any feedback to improve your podcast
  • Email support
  • Trouble shooting and problem-solving when issues arise

Pricing for our full-service package is $165/episode. This is a prepaid, monthly subscription service that you can cancel anytime.