Patrick Conlon started a brick and mortar store to figure out how to run it effectively, and then build an online presence.


Patrick was able to do what so many local business owners want.  He was able to work himself out of his business by spending several years working ON his business.  

He started Shuphoric to fill a need in his community, and he alway knew he would take it online. 

Over the years, Patrick has developed an expertise in helping local businesses get online on multiple platforms that are integrated.  This means that a local business can sell on their own website, their own physical location, their own ebay store, and their own Amazon store and have everything completely integrated.  

Now that Patrick has worked himself out of his business, he is taking his passion for local business and helping other business owners get online too.

If you need Patrick’s help setting up your local business presence online, you can find him at:

Selling Online Today

You can also find Patrick on Facebook and Twitter.


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